Every organization is different, but our approach is to always ask the tough questions that reveal new paths of behavior. In this video series, see that approach in action. Get to know Senior Partner Mark Shunk and O’Brien Group President Dr. Michael O’Brien as they address the questions that helped turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

What If You Could Accomplish the Impossible?

How might our own stories hold us back from achieving our full potential?

For one healthcare COO, her health system’s financial target seemed impossibly out of reach with just one quarter left in the year. But far too often, “impossible” is just a story we tell ourselves. Senior Partner Mark Shunk asks a simple question that can change everything: If the impossible were possible, what would you do?

Why Aren’t You Getting What You Want?

On the surface it might seem like you’re doing everything you can. But when that’s not enough, what comes next?

In one healthcare organization growth goals seemed out of reach, putting quality of care at risk. To get the executive team on board for the push they had to make, the CEO tried camaraderie, then tough love, but nothing seemed to be working. Watch as O’Brien Group President Dr. Michael O’Brien breaks down the key questions that can turn breakdowns into breakthroughs: What am I tolerating? What is that costing me? What is life calling for me to do about that?

Why Do You Want to Be a CEO?

A deceptively simple question, we have to understand “why?” before we can begin to execute the “what.”

Leading complex organizations is no easy task — success requires complete commitment. But when you don’t understand exactly why you’re in the drivers’ seat and what you want out of your time at the helm, that commitment can be hard to conjure. In this video, Senior Partner Mark Shunk walks us through the four questions that can help reveal the powerful motivations we need to be successful.

When Being “Right” Is Actually Wrong

Why being curious is more powerful than being correct

Working collaboratively is rarely just about doing the “right” thing, because for two different people what seems “right” for one could be at odds with what’s “right” for the other. It’s tempting to dig in your feet and justify your point of view, but what would happen if you traded frustration for curiosity? Watch as O’Brien Group President Dr. Michael O’Brien explores this key question with a real-world example.

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