When the going gets tough, strategy should stand intact. No matter what challenges you face as a senior executive or what disruptions threaten to pull your team off course, O’Brien Group’s experienced leadership consultants keep strategy in the foreground to make sure executive teams are aligned, focused, and committed to your organization’s most important goals.

Superior Integrated Leadership & Strategy Framework

Creating and executing strategy is your fundamental role on the leadership team, but that strategy is often the first thing to fall out of focus when change disrupts an organization. High performing teams continue to execute strategy through change, and can learn and evolve without sacrificing execution.

At O’Brien Group we believe strong leadership and strategic execution are intertwined, and that by developing individual leadership skills we can empower executives to more effectively lead their organizations through the implementation of strategy.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” His words underline the truth that success can only be defined by persistence and resilience. With O’Brien Group, you get partners in persistence. By simultaneously executing strategy alongside you and developing your team to exercise creative strategic thinking on their own, we ensure that no matter what strategic hurdles your team faces in the future they’ll have the skills to develop and evolve strategic execution to meet the challenge.

The Executive Leadership Advantage

From the outside, leadership looks like it’s all about person-to-person relationships: developing, coordinating, and motivating a team to achieve. That’s certainly true, but complete leadership also depends on fortifying one’s inner leadership skills: developing personal mastery.

We help executives become mindful of the way they approach leadership. Through our in-person coaching, they learn to examine not only the decisions they make and actions they take, but also the underlying habits, belief systems, and mental models that lead to those behaviors in the first place.

When our clients then step into action we stick with them and turn our attention to the interpersonal side of leadership. Whether it’s helping to improve meeting performance, develop more productive partnerships with co-workers, manage the discomfort of change, or simply managing day-to-day tactical execution, we take an active role in building habits that support the effective rollout of strategy in the long term.

One of our clients put it like this: “O’Brien Group’s approach has increased our senior executive capacity geometrically—the senior team is making more and better decisions with less effort. This kind of senior-level decisiveness has already impacted key financial and quality metrics throughout the system.”

Strategy is not a static target, but must be a dynamic part of your team’s culture. At O’Brien Group, we empower executives to establish the leadership practices they need to create, implement, and evolve strategy over time. Through live coaching and feedback, we help CEOs build a culture of accountability, creativity, and strategic thinking that can effectively meet any future challenge.