Our team of leadership consultants does more than just help change the way you lead others; we help you change the way you “lead’ yourself. We take the time to understand the belief systems, mental models, and assumptions that drive you so we can challenge and develop you like no one else.

Effective Thought Partnership with Our Leadership Consultants

Some of the most damaging decisions leaders make are those that occur unconsciously. We help executives transform from mechanical to mindful decision-makers, improving their ability to lead with agility in the face of unprecedented change.

Through our unique, proprietary self-awareness process, we help you recognize the subconscious behavior patterns that may be causing defensive practices and holding you back from being the most effective CEO you can be. As a result, many of our clients express feeling “unlocked” after working with us and finding a deeper level of effectiveness they didn’t realize they were holding themselves back from.

One of our clients once told us: “I believe conversation crystallizes genius — and most CEOs and leaders don’t have the chance to talk through the wide gamut of issues they face with anyone who has an objective perspective.”

Your O’Brien Group consultants offer that conversation point — a safe space to test ideas and theories without worrying about judgement. On our side of the conversation, we help you understand where those ideas are coming from, what questions you should ask yourself when engaging with an idea, and which ideas will allow you to best put your skillset to work. Whether you need a partner, advisor, consultant, or sounding board — whether you need careful coaching or a pure, critical evaluation — we fill the role that will bring you the most value in any given moment.

At O’Brien Group, every one of our consultants takes a deep interest in the success of not only the leadership teams they work with, but also in every executive’s personal success. In addition to the work we do developing teams to perform at their peak, we serve as a resource for individual executives to grow and develop as leaders and strategic thinkers. With O’Brien Group by your side you get more than a consulting team, you get true partners in thought.

At the end of the day, executive leadership consulting is an investment in you. We understand both the opportunity and responsibility that comes with that, and are committed to working alongside you to help you achieve your absolute potential. At O’Brien Group we’re more than just coaches and consultants. We’re the thought partners you need to achieve peak performance on the executive stage.