Too often, executive coaches and strategy consultants leave behind lengthy strategic suggestions but walk out the door before they’re put in to practice. At O’Brien Group we deliver more than just an action plan — we work with you, become a trusted part of your team, and collaborate with you from ideation all the way through to execution.

Collaborative Approach to Leadership Consulting

It’s a physician’s job to diagnose and prescribe. If the right diagnosis is made, the symptoms should subside with no further intervention from the physician. We don’t believe executive leadership consulting should look anything like that. Great plans are only as effective as their implementation, and more often than not human challenges get in the way of ideal execution. That’s why at O’Brien Group we don’t approach our relationships as if we can simply make a diagnosis, prescribe a solution, and say good luck. We’re committed to understanding our clients’ unique challenges and taking a collaborative approach to helping them execute through the unpredictable process of change.

To do that, we approach our relationships as our clients’ coaches on the field. Just like the coaches of professional sports teams coach on or near the field while the game is in play, we work alongside CEOs, executives, and their teams in the meeting rooms where their work takes place. Like the best sports coaches, we offer guidance before, during, and after meetings. Not only does that mean you benefit from coaching in real-time, but it gives us a chance to see the human challenges you face so we can work through them together.

Working with O’Brien Group you won’t get a “structured leadership program” or a “10-step process for instant results.” We don’t presume to be the experts in your team’s specific leadership challenges, but instead see ourselves as experienced partners who will tackle real leadership problems alongside you in real-time, while helping you learn how to more effectively solve problems like this on your own. We bring our business experience to the challenges you face every day, then ask questions and share perspectives to discover new approaches to both old and new problems. With O’Brien Group, you get real-time consulting from collaborative peers who listen as much as they speak, not just prescriptive “solutions” to generic problems.

Don’t just take it from us: Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our work with their team: “The O’Brien Group consultants gave my team the tools required to move from ‘good to great’. They did this by working with us during our team meetings as well as individually, ensuring that their support was tailored to the actual challenges we face every day — customized and well-crafted.”

Underlying every one of our partnerships is a deep respect for the leaders with whom we work. We respect that they know far more about their organization than we do. We respect the expertise of their teams. We respect that no one wants to be told what to do. From this foundation, we can work with you like trusted peers, bringing a uniquely collaborative approach to the problems that matter most.