No two leaders, executive teams, or healthcare organizations are the same. Neither are our relationships. Just as a tailor crafts bespoke suits from whole cloth, the fabric of our consulting is the rich experience we’ve developed over our 27 years working with senior executives. But how we cut and style that cloth to fit every healthcare organization and leadership team is unique.

Bespoke Solutions & Customized Leadership Consulting

Working alongside O’Brien Group, you get a deeper level of customization than any standard executive coaching firm or strategy consultant. We invest a significant amount of time getting to know the motivations, challenges, and unique dynamics of you and your team, then apply our extensive knowledge and experience to create a from-scratch solution for your organization. As a result, we’re able to deliver what we call Just-In-Time actions, solutions built to be effective for your team, as well as individual members of your team, at specific moments in time, to have specific impacts.

In practice, this means we spend a lot of time on the job with you and your team. We’re with you in meetings, we ask questions, we want to understand everything from logistical challenges to how you’re managing your energy level during the week. You wouldn’t bring the same exactly strategic plan from one healthcare organization to another. Similarly, we’ve never met any two teams with the same set of problems or aspirations. So we’ve made it a point never to deliver the same solution twice.

First, it’s critical for us to get to know the challenges facing your team and organization at large. Whether it’s intensifying competition, strict financial pressure, or anything else, understanding the context around your team and the way in which you’re being evaluated is key. From there, we take a close look at the unique chemistry of your team, and understand how any recent changes might impact the way you work together. With those two factors in mind, we work closely with you to explore the best ways to grow and develop your team’s resilience and performance to meet your organization’s most important challenges. That’s the difference between bespoke and off-the-rack consulting.

At this stage in your career, there’s no excuse for settling. The stakes are too high to settle for a solution that may have worked for someone else, or to settle for an execution plan you don’t have 100 percent confidence in. With O’Brien Group, you never have to settle. We work with you day in and day out to develop leadership plans and leadership habits that are just right for your team at specific moments in time.