Profit From Experience

“Experience can be the best teacher if we reflect on it. You don’t read this book – you use it! Then you prosper.” – Jim Kouzes, President, Tom Peters Group/Learning Systems and Coauthor of the Leadership Challenge and Credibility.

“Commonsense approach to personal transformation. A fun but tough guide for being a learning laboratory for one’s self.” – Dale E. Truax, President – International Blanchard Training and Development

Profit From Experience is based on two assumptions. First, we live in an age when dramatic personal change is required of all of us. Second, systematically learning from experience is the best means at our disposal for changing in the ways we need to.

Profit From Experience is offered as a handbook, and a field book, of personal change. To be able to learn, to consciously change and improve your patterns of behavior will dramatically increase your personal effectiveness. Many of us today are faced with the need to learn some of the most important lessons of our lives. Professionally, the learning mandate ranges from such matters as how to lead a team, how to influence people you’re not the boss of, how to take on one more project when you’re booked solid. Personally, most of us are dealing with such issues as the need to find more constructive resolutions to conflict in intimate relationships, raising children in an age when the stakes of peer pressure are higher than ever, finding calm in the midst of stress. The methods in this book – which require small, daily effort – can help you inventory the areas of your life where change is most needed. The methods will then help you start producing the life results you’re looking for.