Experienced Leadership Coaches and Consultants

Leadership consultants. Executive coaches. Change agents. Educators. Peers. Advisors. We’ve worn a lot of hats, and take pride in every one. We’re a team of veteran leadership coaches and consultants who know how to drive excellence for senior executives, leadership teams, and their organizations.

Experienced Leadership Coaches and Consultants

Our clients are already vigorous performers, but even the most effective teams today are under significant pressure to go from good to great. We work alongside CEOs, executives and their teams to make that change a reality, taking note of how each leadership team works together, creating game plans to improve their effectiveness, and working with leaders to execute those plans and drive lasting change.

Through our high-performance coaching, we teach senior executives how to break through to their next level of performance. We help clients recognize ingrained ways of thinking and acting, providing actionable guidance on how they can modify and build upon old habits to become the brilliant leaders they want to be.

What distinguishes us from run of the mill “leadership coaching” is that, like the coaches of professional sports teams, we coach our clients on or near the field while the game is in play. We work hands-on with executives in the boardroom, in meetings, and with their teams, and like the best sports coaches we offer guidance before, during, and after the game. That way we can be sure our coaching is tailored to the challenges each executive faces day-to-day, and puts us in position to identify problems executives may not have been able to put their finger on.

In addition to our “on-field” coaching, your O’Brien Group consultants will lead hands-on, 1:1 coaching sessions that utilize your team’s current leadership challenges as “grist for the mill” of development – simultaneously solving problems and teaching resilient leadership practices so every member of your team can learn to work better through adversity.

Most importantly, we know you can’t afford to step away from operations when you need help. You and your team live in the thick of it every day – and the executive coaches of O’Brien Group will be there with you.

The O’Brien Group is a proud member of the Innovation Institute, a healthcare incubator and leading provider of medical device and healthcare innovation solutions to organizations around the world. Owned by seven of the nation’s leading healthcare systems, the Innovation Institute plays a critical role in fostering innovation in global healthcare through partnerships with companies like the O’Brien Group.

Above all else, we’re here to help you succeed. We have no interest in selling a “10 step process for success” or drawing up a blueprint for change that we don’t know how to execute. We’re interested in equipping leadership teams with the skills to improve on their own every day. We listen. We ask questions. We work with you. We are O’Brien Group.